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Assignment 01

Course Work Brief

Starbucks Coffee Company was established in 1971 and has grown to be the leading retailer roaster and brand on specialty coffees in the world with 15,000 retail outlets across the world. Its common goal is to provide its customers with the finest product and customer experience whilst combining this with their business principles of which involve them incorporating social, environmental and economic responsibilities and benefits in the communities in which they do business. The company’s mission statement states ‘to establish Starbucks as the premier purveyor of the finest coffee in the world while maintaining our uncompromising principles while we grow.’ They have sought throughout their history to achieve this goal through a number of intrinsic principles which incorporate respect, dignity, diversity, excellence, enthusiasm and desire to create an environment, a product and an unparalled customer experience.

The foundations of Starbucks success has been built around an aggressive retailing strategy, Starbucks successfully entered the European market in May 1998 through the acquisition of 65 Seattle Coffee Company stores. The layout of Starbucks retail outlet is designed to create a comfortable laid back sociable but also private surroundings for consumers to relax and unwind. These values have seen the company establish itself as a premium coffee provider on the high street with expediential growth in line with the emergence of luxury markets particularly throughout the eighties and nineties. Starbucks has become...

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