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Rhetorical Analysis

“Stop sugarcoating It, Georgia” campaign was made to put into perspective the obesity problem of children in Georgia. While this particular advertisement was a billboard, that feature an overweight young girl with the words “Warning its hard to be a little girl if you are not”. Seeming a bit harsh and insensitive to many feelings of parents and children who have seen that advertisement, it was created to raise awareness of childhood obesity. By shocking those who see the advertisement into at least noticing that there is a problem with obesity in the state of Georgia. An Advertisement created to target parent, mainly to those of obese children. It was intended to wake parent in the state of Georgia up, and stop being in denial about the size of their children, and the real underlying health issue that are being created. The ad itself may have created an opposite appeal to was desired by the Children’s Health campaign. With such n controversial advertisement, many complaints about how insensitive the advertisement was. Many were just saying that basically there is a way to raise awareness and the particular rout that was chosen was not actually the right way. While others agreed with the way the chose to shock people into realizing that yes there really is a problem with obesity that could lead to many other problems with my child’s future. The image is uses color red on a black and white image to grasp attention. Using a large bold font with the word “warning” written across the front. It is almost as if this was message about something being imminent danger. The use of the color red was created an intenseness passion, about the message being conveyed. The use of the black and white background created a since loneliness, and aggression from the young girl the picture.

Pathos in...

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