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Anything for Love

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What would you do for Love? Love is a funny thing and can sometimes make you do things that you might normally not do. For example, when you love someone you may find that you sacrifice your own happiness to make the other person happy. In “The Gift of Magi” both Della and Jim cared more about the other persons’ happiness than they did their own. They give up their most treasured item to make the other person happy. In the end they ended up with something so much for valuable than a gift: true love, which is priceless.
“The Gift of Magi” by O.Henry, the theme of this love story illustrates how much you will sacrifice for the one you love. The plot begins with Della, the main character, literally counting her pennies. She has been saving all of her money hoping to have enough by Christmas to buy her husband a nice present. On Christmas Eve Della finds that she still has hardly any money saved and certainly not enough for the nice present she would like to buy her husband. You can sense the desperation that Della feels as she counts her money numerous times just to make sure she did not miscount it. The tone of the story up to this point has been somber. You actually feel bad for Della that she has saved her money all this time but still does not have much to buy her husband a gift. We see Della’s mood change from somber to desperate as she realizes that in order to earn money she is going to have to do something drastic. We learn early on in the story that Della, and her husband Jim, have two prize possessions. “One was Jim’s gold watch that had been his father’s and his grandfather’s. The other was Della’s hair.” (Clugston, 2010 p.22) We learn later on in the story how much these two items symbolize the love that they have for each other. Della’s hair is not only beautiful to everyone around her but it is valuable due to its beauty and length. At…...

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