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School of Management

Semester 1, Academic Session 2015/2016

Bachelor of Management


ATW 395/3 – International Business

Lecturer: Dr.Shankar Chelliah (DBA)
Day/Time/Venue: Monday/9.00-10.50am/DK S email:
Tel: 04 653 3426/012-4618731
Office: Level 2, Room 216, School of Management


The course aims to introduce the core knowledge of international business as a core subject in the bachelor program. The students will be exposed to globalization, international business theories, government intervention in international business, emerging market, foreign market entry strategies and the existence of regional economic integration that affect international business.


The objectives of the course are:
1. To enable students to understand the impact of globalisation and the key issues facing international businesses
2. To explain the environment in international business such as politics and law, emerging market and the regional economic integration
3. To make students appreciate the existence and use of fundamental international business theories and its evolution
4. To enable students to understand the various entry modes available to capture international market


At the end of the course, students will be able to:

1. Acquire the pre-requisite knowledge of venturing a business at international level and describe the key concepts that driving globalization 2. Comprehend the environment of international business where the firm operates, and the challenges and threats posed by external factors in determining the success of the firm 3. Applying the international business knowledge in real business cases in understanding the firm current position and recommending viable solutions in becoming internationally viable business. 4. Finally, the students should be able to become good decision makers in the future by able to evaluate an international firm or local firm by understanding the important dimensions of international business.


|SLT |Descriptions |Hours |
|Face to face Activities |Lecture |28 |
| |Tutorial |10 |
| |Consultation (discuss cases/project etc.) |14 |
|Self-Learning Activities |Independent Learning (students preparation |34 |
| |for assignment/case study/ presentation etc) | |
| |Revision | |
| |Preparation for Assessment | |
| | |14 |
| | |14 |
|Formal Assessment |Continuous Assessment (Mid-term/Quiz/Test) |4 |
| |Final Exam | |
| | |3 |
| |TOTAL SLT |121 |


Coursework 40% Group Assignment 20% Case Studies during Tutorial 10% Mid-Semester Test 10%
Final Exam 60%
Total 100%

|Assessment |Course Objectives |Learning Outcomes |*Levels Of Learning |
|Case Study |2, 3, 4 ,5 |3, 4, 5 |aP, AN, S, E |
|(Individual) | | | |
|Group Assignment |1, 2, 3, 4, 5 |3, 4, 5 |aP, AN, S, E |
|Mid-Semester Test |1, 2 |1, 2 |k, c |
|Final Exam |2, 3, 4, 5 |1, 2, 3, 4, 5 |k, c, aP, aN, s, e |

* Levels of Learning:

• Knowledge (K) • Comprehension (C) • Application (AP) • Analysis (AN) • Synthesis (S) • Evaluation (E)


Coursework (40%) :
The coursework portion (40%) for this course is divided into four components as follows:

Group Assignment (20%):

Students are required to find a firm that involves in international business. A group will be formed to complete this project. Please submit the names by group to lecturer by filling up the forms given in second week of lecture. The students need to analyze the firm on a group basis based on the questions given. The composition of the group should be diverse. A report needs to be produced.

Case Study (10%)

Students need to form groups (number of students in a group determined by size of class) and submit the names on the second week. Cases will be assigned by lecturer and communicated through e-learning. Assigned group shall do a presentation and submit a written report based on the questions in the case study. The case questions are from the main text book which follows after a week the chapter taught during the lecture (refer to Course Content).

Mid-semester test (10%):
This mid-semester test will comprises of multiple choice questions to evaluate students’ knowledge and understanding of the concept of international business taught on the first half of the semester. The mid-semester test usually takes about 1 hour and is conducted in the middle of the semester.

Final exam (60%) :
The final exam is a 3-hour exam paper consisting of theory based questions, case-related questions, and essay questions.


• Lecture • Tutorials • Presentation • Library Search


1. Each group should have 5 members (appropriate numbers will be determined by the instructor). Group members should be heterogeneous as far as possible in terms of gender and ethnicity.

2. Each group should select a leader. The group leader must register the group members, along with their e-mail addresses and telephone numbers to the respective instructor by the second week of class.

3. Each group should select a firm of their choice. (A firm that able to answer the assignment questions, not based on convenience by going to shopping complexes, please!) The list of firm should be communicated to instructor for approval. Each group will be required to work as a team to visit the firm and come up with a report.

4. Project assignment should be submitted as specified by the instructor (Week 12- 23/11/2015, before 5 pm). No marks will be given for late submission.

5. Each report should have a cover and table of content. The report should be typed in English using font 12 (Times New Roman) with double spacing. A4-sized papers should be used.

6. The report should be comprehensive and systematic. The length of the report should not be less than 20 pages but not more than 25 pages (excluding appendices).

7. Report writing should follow the format given by the instructor as follows: (i) Background (max 5 pages); (ii) IB issues based on the assignment questions; iii) Conclusion; (v) References; (vi) Appendices (if any).

8. References used in the report should be recorded either as footnotes or in the references section.

9. Each member of the group should declare their own contribution at the beginning of the report. Marks will be given accordingly.

10. Students that do not contribute to the group project has to be reported to the lecturer by week 6 or anytime it has impacted the quality of the work produced.

11. Information on the front cover should include the following: (i) Course: (ii) Semester: (iii) Academic Session: (iv) Name of Instructor: (v) Group Number: (vi) Title: (vii) Name of Members, Their Matric Numbers, Program of Study, and Year of Study.


Format of Final Exam
Section A: Questions to test understanding of International Business Theories (50 marks) - Total two (2) questions with 25 marks each. Answer both questions.

Section B: Questions to test concepts in International Business (Short
Essay Questions) (30 marks) - Total four (4) questions, answer only three (2) questions with 15 marks each.

Section C: Questions to test how students can apply concepts in the real international business environment (Application Type Questions) (20 marks) - Total two (2) questions, answer only (1) question with 20 marks.

Guideline to Answer Final Exam Questions
1. Please write in paragraphs, no bullet forms.
2. Please write according to marks. For instance, for questions with 25 marks, it has to be at least 3 full pages. For 15 marks, it has to be at least 1.5 full pages. For 20 marks, it has to be 2 full pages. It is just a guide as students has to make own judgment based on the writing font size.
3. Use diagrams, tables, and examples to add variety to your writings. All these will help to earn marks.
4. Each answer should have introduction, content and conclusion.
5. Finally, and most importantly, DO NOT CHEAT during the Final Exam.


|Week |Topic |Remarks |
|Week 1 |Course Introduction |Form your group; Registration |
|7/9/2015 | |for tutorial slots |
| |Part A Fundamentals in International Business | |
| | | |
| |Chapter 1: What is International Business? | |
|Week 2 |Continue Chapter 1 |Form your group; Registration |
|14/9/2015 | |for tutorial slots |
|Week 3 |Chapter 2: Theories of International Trade and |Tutorial 1 |
|21/9/2015 |Investment | |
|Week 4 |Continue Chapter 2 |Tutorial 2 |
|28/9/2015 | | |
| | | |
|Week 5 |Part B: External Scenarios in International |Tutorial 3 |
|5/10/2015 |Business | |
| | | |
| |Chapter 3: Government Intervention in | |
| |International Business | |
|Week 6 |Mid-Semester Test |Tutorial 4 |
|12/10/2015 | | |
| |(9.15-10.45am) | |
| | | |
| |(Chapters 1 -3) | |
|Week 7 |Chapter 4: Regional Economic Integration |Tutorial 5 |
|19/10/2015 | | |
|Week 8 |Chapter 5: Understanding Emerging Market |Tutorial 6 |
|26/10/2015 | | |
| | | |
| | | |
|Week 9 |Part C Internal Scenarios in International |Tutorial 7 |
|2/11/2015 |Business | |
| | | |
| |Chapter 6: Strategies of Small and Medium | |
| |Enterprises (SMEs) in Exploring International | |
| |Markets | |
|Week 10 |Mid-Semester Break | |
| | | |
| |8/11/2015 – 14/11/2015 | |
|Week 11 |Chapter 7: International Market Entry Modes |Tutorial 8 |
|16/11/2015 | | |
| | | |
|Week 12 |Continue Chapter 7 |Tutorial 9 |
|23/11/2015 | | |
|Week 13 |Chapter 8: Managing a Global Supply Chain |Tutorial 10 |
|30/11/2015 | | |
|Week 14 |Review of Past Year Questions | |
|7/12/2015 | | |
|Week 15 | | |
|14/12/2015 |Review of Past Year Questions | |
|Week 16 |Self-Revision | |


Shankar, C. (2016). (1st Ed) International Business: An Introduction, Text and Cases, Pearson Education Ltd: Malaysia.


Cavusgil, S. T., Knight, G., & Riesenberger, J. R. (2014). (3rd Ed) International Business: The New Realities, Pearson Education Ltd: England.

Griffin, R. W., & Pustay, M. W. (2012). (7th Ed) International Business, Pearson: New Jersey.

Hill, C. W. L., Wee, C.H., & Udayasankar, K. (2012). International Business: An Asian Perspective, 1st edition, McGraw-Hill: Singapore.


1. Students are required to attend classes and tutorials at the registered slots.

2. Students must read the relevant chapter/s that is/are listed in the course outline prior to attending lecture.

3. Reading the particular case for the weekly Tutorials is a MUST prior to attend. This will ensure enriching discussions during the Tutorials.

4. Students must show satisfactory attendance in lectures and tutorials. Those who fail to meet the minimum attendance requirements will be barred from sitting the final examination.


Kindly take note that USM and the School of Management will not tolerate any form of plagiarism by undergraduate students in their term papers, projects, dissertation, or examination. The American Psychological Association (APA) defines Plagiarism as representing “portions of another’s work or data as [your] own, even if the other work or data source is cited occasionally” (

Students may be guilty of plagiarism if they use someone else’s work as their own without citing the source in their work (report, term paper, dissertation, etc.). This includes direct copying, rephrasing, summarizing, taking someone else’s idea and putting it in different words, or directly quoting passages or ideas but citing the work as a general source.
Please refer to the APA Publication Manual (2001) as a guide in citing and referencing other people’s work to avoid being accused of plagiarism.

The penalty for plagiarism is an F for the course, RM200 fine, and if found guilty by the University Disciplinary Committee, is ground for suspension and academic dismissal.

All the best!
Dr.Shankar Chelliah (DBA).

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