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Anytime Fitness continues to “maintain robust growth rates as the world’s largest and fastest growing 24-hour co-ed fitness franchise since their founding in 2002” (Anytime Fitness, 2012). Whenever looking to enter a franchise agreement, startup costs become a vital point. Anytime Fitness’s website provides numerical figures for average startup costs for both a complete fitness center and a fitness express center which doesn’t have as much square feet or perks as a regular center; fitness center is between “$59,999 and $321,899 and an express center is between $46,299 to $210,999” (2012). Not only does Anytime Fitness offer affordable startup costs but an “online operations manual” is available once the agreement is entered. Having access to an online manual allows for a franchisee to take the lead and put in the effort necessary to create a successful franchise. In addition to online manual, Anytime Fitness also holds conference calls and webinars throughout the month to make sure everyone is up to par for their region and all franchises are operating properly. Perhaps the most intense feature and reason Anytime Fitness flourishes is the security and surveillance system in place. Because the security is so extensive it allows for members to come and go at their leisure. Having access 24 hours a day allows members to work with their schedule instead of plan the gym workout around their schedule. Another plus to having cameras and exclusive access by card only is the low cost of payroll. Self-service is becoming more popular and most individuals want to be able to work out without worrying about someone monitoring their every move. Anytime Fitness has more than “3000 territories sold and a membership base of over 1 million and growing’ (2012). Entering into a franchise agreement with Anytime Fitness would be most beneficial as it is an industry that will...

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