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Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited

Corporate Overview
Corporate Profile

Founded in 1835 and headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, ANZ is one of the four largest Australian banks and ranked in the top 25 banks globally by market capitalisation
Listed on the Australian Stock
Exchange (ASX) with a secondary listing on the New Zealand Stock
Exchange (NZX)

Key Data – 31 March 2015
ASX / NZX Code


Market Capitalisation


Ordinary shares on issue


Total shareholders


Credit Ratings

AA- / stable


Aa2 / stable


AA- / stable


To become the best connected and most respected bank across the Asia Pacific region

Strong Core Markets

Profitable Asia Growth

Enterprise Approach

Strengthen our position in
Australia and New

Grow in Asia, focused on corporate and financial institutions supported by our Asia retail branch network Share common technology, processes, products and services that are designed with our customers in mind, and to reduce costs, complexity and risks

Manage risk, balance sheet and capital to drive superior return for shareholders.
Develop the best connected and most respected people in banking.

ANZ presence and regional delivery network

ANZ serves ~10 million retail, commercial and institutional customers and employs over 50,000 staff

We operate in 34 markets internationally: Australia,
New Zealand, Asia (15 markets), Pacific (12 markets), United States of
America, United Kingdom,
Europe (2 markets), Middle

Our regional delivery network includes 10 centres and services & supports key business domains such as
Payments, Markets, Trade,
Lending, Wealth, Technology

Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited...

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