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Ap English Short Stories

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The Ministry of Magic denies the existence of extraterrestrial life. It is this “conspiracy”, to which we have devoted our lives to uncovering. Discrepancies are paradoxical and the only thing to trust is magic, when reasoning fails. Though the pitch is littered with skeptics, we still remain dedicated to the search; the fact is however, much is unknown and there are obstacles at every turn. A larger scheme is at work, and maybe not those from other worlds, but someone amongst us.

Nevertheless, the truth is out there.

The room was dark, filled with unease. A chilled tension that Malfoy couldn’t help but feel in his skin, a sense of foreboding. Curtains drawn painfully shut, casting only menacing slits of light into the office. Silhouettes
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There were files upon files surrounding him, upon files piled, well everywhere. He supposed his first assignment was to organise all this shit.

“Sorry nobody down here except Britain's most unwanted.”

Potter’s voice carried across the room, leaping over the stacks of filing and empty containers to stride over to Draco in that arrogant way he had always hated. Extending his right hand to shake his. The irony was not lost on Draco.

“You’re the one who’s been assigned to the project?” Potter asked incredulously, appearing not to have seen Malfoy until now. There wasn’t any outright hatred detected but it could just be shock..

“Oh I get it.” Draco said quietly. “You’re running wild down here and they thought, Oh! Who’s the only person on earth to keep you in check? Oh of course! I got reassigned not for my intelligence or work ethic, but because I’m the only one on earth that can piss you off!”

Potter’s face changed from his previous expression to one of more wry determination. An eyebrow arched in cheeky way as if asking,
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The room reeked of mildew and dust. Draco’s desk was on the right and Potter’s on the left with several others left unoccupied. When exchanging heated words, they’d meet in the middle and go at it, with Potter retreating to his desk every time. Sometimes Malfoy wish it would just go to blows, he was itching to fight Potter. Maybe it’d work off some of the tension.

Malfoy had cleaned the office; the filing all put together neatly arranged by color, number of deaths, and date. There were benefits to being shoved into the basement; they had the whole floor to themselves and the dankness wasn’t completely unbearable with a warming charm in place, and the quiet was nice, (until Potter started talking) the loud business of the regular auror department had always been unnerving to Draco. When it was loud you couldn’t hear the people lurking behind you. God. He was beginning to sound like Mad-Eye.

“Grab your coat Malfoy, let’s go get something to eat. I’m

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