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The Effect of Parents on Grade Point Average
May 20th 2014
Lakeland High School
Advisor: Stacy Oddi
1630 Bogie Lake Road
White Lake, MI 48383
(248) 676-8320

Researchers instructed Lakeland High School eleventh grade students to take a survey given to them. This survey was conducted in order to find data showing a correlation between single parents and a low grade point average. Fifty surveys were given out to two separate classes. This survey asked students about their family life at home and their grade point average. Most of the students took it seriously, but there are other variables that could have affected the results. There was no correlation found between a single parent and a student’s average GPA.

There are several factors that influence a student’s school grade point average, also known as GPA. Family life, with either a single parent or married parents, could affect students in school. It’s important to look at this topic to see how kids in school are influenced by family life. This could show why some students are more or less likely to succeed than others, thus being beneficial to see how a child’s family life influences how well they do in school. There are numerous studies closely related to how certain relationship elements can impact a student’s performance in school.
Researchers have studied the relationship between teachers and students. There was a positive correlation when the teachers had a good relationship with the students resulting in a GPA in the students. “The teacher-child relationship and classroom participation also partially mediated the relation between effortful control and change in school absences across the year”(Lemery-Chalfant, Reiser, Swanson, Valiente, 2008).There were also other factors like it states above participation and attendance are two things that were very important. The...

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