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Ap World Spring Break

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Spring Break Work

Ch. 13 Section 1
Sui Wendi: First emperor of the Sui dynasty centralized government, restored order, created a new legal code, reformed Bureaucracy
Tang Taizong: The founder of the Tang Dynasty, he expanded China to include all that the Han had had and more.
Wu Zhao: The only woman to ever declare herself empress, she was a member of the Tang Dynasty.
Grand Canal: The 1,100-mile waterway linking the Yellow and the Yangzi Rivers. It was begun in the Han period and completed during the Sui Empire.
Zhao Kuangyin: Founder of Song dynasty; originally a general following fall of Tang; took title of Taizu; failed to overcome northern Liao dynasty that remained independent.
Li Bo: Most famous poet of the Tang era; blended images of the mundane world with philosophical musings.
tributary state: A country that pays tribute in money or goods to a more powerful nation
Pagoda: Buddhist temples with many-storied towers; this was adapted from the Chinese
3) The dynasties returned the Middle Kingdom back to its old glory.

a) Under the Tang and Song dynasties the emperor ruled over a splendid court filled with aristocratic families. The two main classes of society were the gentry, wealthy landowners, which valued scholarship more than physical labor, and the peasantry, who worked the land and lived off of what they produced. Then the merchants had a lower status in society.
Merchants had such a low status in society because according to Confucianism their riches came from the labors of others.
a) China painting involves the same techniques as calligraphy and is done with a brush dipped in black or colored ink; oils not used.
Chinese poets addressed themes such as "identity and modernity" which dominated. Some other themes were "language and meaning"

Ch 13 Section 2
Kublai Khan: Mongolian emperor of China and grandson of Genghis...

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