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Impact of Democracy on Economic Development

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Impact of Democracy on Economic Development


There is a need to put into proper perspective the impact of democracy on economic development. In recent years, the discourse about democracy and development has gained prominence. Countries with long history of democratic governance have been noted to be doing well economically. It is the view of this author that so far a comprehensive assessment of the full impact of democracy on economic development is yet to be done.Probably, the reason as to why this has been so is because there is an obvious assumption that democracy will always have a positive impact on economic development. It is worthwhile however, to move away from the sweeping generalization and put this issue into proper perspective. It is proper to establish the full impact of democracy. In this study, the author will seek to establish the impact of democracy on economic development.

Since its origins in ancient Greece, when Greeks created city states as communities of citizens in which the administration and the making of policy were the rights of citizens, democracy has been a subject of many speculations and questions that even to date beggar answers. One of the critical questions that have been the center of speculation is what democracy’s impact on economic development is. This question has been propelled to the fore by certain factors such…...

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