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Board of Directors | Age | | | Which directors are the CEOs of other companies? |
John E. McGlade | 56 | 4 years | Insider | CEO of Air Product and Chemicals |
Susan K. Carter | 52 | Less than 1 year | Insider | |
Mario L. Baeza | 59 | 12 years | Outsider | CEO at Baeza & Co., LLCCEO of TCW/Latin America Partners, LLC |
| | | | |
William L. Davis, III | 67 | 6 years | Outsider | Former CEO of R.R. Donnelley & Sons Company |
Chadwick C. (Chad) Deaton | 58 | 1 year | Outsider | CEO of Baker Hughes Incorporated |
Michael J. Donahue | 52 | 10 years | Outsider | |
Ursula O. Fairbairn | 67 | 13 years | Outsider | CEO of Fairbairn Group LLC |
W. Douglas Ford | 66 | 8 years | Outsider | CEO of Refining & Marketing of BP Amoco PLC |
Edward E. Hagenlocker | 71 | 14 years | Outsider | |
Evert Henkes | 67 | 5 years | Outsider | Former CEO of Shell Chemicals Ltd. |
Margaret G. McGlynn | 51 | 6 years | Outsider | |
Lawrence S. Smith | 63 | 7 years | Outsider | |
There are currently 12 members in Board of Directors in the newest update.
Carter is the newest member in the Board of Directors in 2011.
Out of 12 members, four directors are the CEOS of other companies, which contribute a proportion of 33% (One-Third)
None of directors have any special connections to the firm (as suppliers, clients, customers….)

Do any of the directors have large stockholdings (5% or more) or represent those who do?
There is NO directors have large stockholdings (5% or more). Besides that,
* MCGLADE JOHN E is the biggest major holder (134,802 shares – less than 1%)
* STATE FARM MUTUAL AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE CO is the biggest institutional holder (15,393,100 shares – 7.22%)
* VANGUARD/WELLINGTON FUND INC. is the biggest mutual fund holder (3,353,000 shares – 1.57%)

% of Shares Held by All Insider and 5% Owners: | 0% |…...

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