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Apes and Mid-Life Crisis

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Mid-life Crisis in Apes

At middle age, a giant chimp would neither deceive his spouse nor purchase a red sports car on urge. However, studies have discovered that apes and orangutans face midlife problems just as certainly as humans beings do. Those discoveries, which were published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, might upset tightly held faiths regarding the origins of human pleasure and the forces that cause impact on its peculiar route across the span of life (Jaques, 2002). If relatives of animals share human proclivity for grief, removal and irritation at the midpoint of life, most probably the midlife problem is in fact lead by biological reasons — not the exhausting liabilities of works and family and the genesis identity of our humanity (Franklin, 1999).
The experience of chimpanzees dip in pleasure in their mid-age, much in the manner human beings do, recommending a biological interpretation for the midlife problem. Across several traditions, human beings inform a plunge in pleasure throughout their late-40s, a period when they usually sense less contented with their lives in comparison to their older and younger years. Chimpanzees also go through a type of midlife problem, discovered a new study. The astonishing outcome recommends that the blues of middle-age might be an outcome of biology, not tradition, and its evolutionary origins run profound (Ayers, 2008).
The main reason for dividing the main body of this research paper as per the format given below is to investigate the various research papers which discus the midlife crisis between apes and humans. The paper will highlight numerous social and physical evidence and then carefully analyzes the findings of these research studies.

Social and Psychological Explanations
It has been stated in the socioeconomic theory that the hedonic adaptation, which…...

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