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Mel Gibson
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Andre Kimberly Trish D. D’Silva
Brief Summary Set in Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula (Central America), during the 16th century, Mel Gibson’s, Apocalypto follows the journey of a Mayan villager by the name of “Jaguar Paw”. This adaptation of the Mayan Empire illuminates a prophecy, surrounding Jaguar. Jaguar Paw is a peaceful hunter from a remote forest tribe whose life is about to be changed forever. When Jaguar Paw's village is raided and he is prepared as a sacrifice that the Mayan deities have demanded, the brave young hunter is forced to navigate a horrific new world of fear and oppression. Courageously determined to escape his captors and save his family from a distressing end, Jaguar Paw prepares to risk it all in one final, frantic attempt to preserve his dying way of life. However, few who have seen the sacrificial alter of the Mayans have managed to live to see another day. In order to rescue his pregnant wife and young son, Jaguar Paw will have to escape the most dominant warriors of the Mayan kingdom while using his immense knowledge of the forest to turn the tables on those who would rather see him dead than set free.

Material Culture * Bamboo * stone-sling * Dagger * Spear * Rope * Accessories (necklace, nose ring, etc.) * Javelin * Piercings * Cloth-like clothing * Boomerang * Bow and arrow * ziggurat

Non-Material Culture * God- the Mantu also seen as the soul of nature, animals and of humans were shown right from the beginning of the movie during the hunt. * sacrifices * Rituals- Dance was used to bring together and celebrate the hunt. Dancing was a way to express their spirituality and celebrate it. Sacred stories were also used during the dance celebration. * Mayan language *...

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