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Apocalypto Movie Paper

In the movie Apocalypto there were many different cultures and lifestyles that tribes of the past have had many similarties to, even in todays culture I can see many of the same references from apocalypto and indigenous tribes of history. In my essays I will be answereing the following questions in philosophical. 1- In film I seen that the mayan culture surfaced in the people of the indigenous tribes. 3 yes indeed the power of the love of jaguar paw’s culture and something unseen in the nature of where his religion played a vital role that seemed to provide strength to endure in the way that would drive his soul to fight on the true spirit of his people. For example in the beginning you see jaguar paw and his lifestyle his family and his faith whether it was the hunt or the villige comedy of the brothers problem with childbearing you see a sense of connectivity and love that a closenit group of loved ones have. At their last night before the villige was attacked they sat together and listend to the elder or shaman as similar to the Naskapi and their reliationship with the animals that they hunted and respected, they listened to the shaman talk about a story about the man and his sorrows and sadness and problems and how the animals of their culture helpled in solving the sorrows and sadness of man but instead ending their own lives after the man had devoured everything in his path as if it were a bottomless pit , now as the scene goes you see Jaguar and his wife together recieveing the word religoulsy and taking it in you also see the baby moving in jaguar paw’s wife and the look only rsembles love in a way that a man is proud and fulfilled in happiness of what he as created as any man does on the day their child is born which is the love that indeed provided him the strength to endure of his trials and tribulations.
4 It is very important for the human experience to incorporate a cultural relgiioin for the advancement of sustaining a culture because it relays to an order. See if you have a culture and a people without order you will have people running around doing whatever they want right or wrong with no consequence and that wont advance a culture only destroy it, with religion people will be able to understand what is and what is not whats wrong and what is right giving people a mindset on how to live their lives. For example christianty was not apart of the mayan culture in this movie till the very end when the landing of the European ships and as you watch the boats full of men you see a cross and a coulple men some look like priest or men of the clergy and understand with no major or cultural religion the mayans had no defense of what was to come and as you search and review history to today you will see that there culture had no real advancement in sustaining a culture and for those who did now are at 32% of todays world religion which is Christianity.
5 The “People of the City” did not depend on the same gods of the small tribal community and as we see in the film the shamans and kings controlled the people and it was more out of fear and terror that they beialived the higher of those in authority and as we seen in the film the people were even selling religious items and women and slaves and as we can connect them to the Egyptians but for more or less the better connection is to anthor film we watched “luther”. It may not be strictly directed to but its has perfect correlation to how ones religion can be twisted to one advantage for example the endulgences being sold to the german people for freedom from purgatory or hell for oneself or family member and any one connected to them. So as we see Luther destroys that sect of which that culture and religion was living and thriving on they used it to their advantage through finance and fear and unknown knowledge of the german langage translation. The Connection is perfect as in Apcolypto to see fear as a was of pushing those to believe the religion and push the belief and without the techonolgy of today we too would be disenfranchised from what is real and what is fraud unfortunetly the mayans did not and as we see in the film fear is dangerous it is like a sickness a dieseae that will eat you alive peace by by peace.

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