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Appendix B

Part I

Define the following terms:

Term Definition
Stereotypes When people believe things that may not be true because they assume these things.

Prejudice Prejudice is an unfavorable opinion formed beforehand or judgments toward a person because of their color or religion.

Labeling theory The view of deviance in which someone being labeled as a “deviant” leads a person to engage in deviant behavior.

Part II

Select three of the identity categories below and name or describe at least 3 related stereotypes for each:

• Race
• Ethnicity
• Religion
• Gender
• Sexual orientation
• Age
• Disability

Category Stereotype 1 Stereotype 2 Stereotype 3
Race African American’s are good at basketball. White people tend to have no rhythm. White people are all racist.
Religion All Christian’s are good people. Catholic preachers are bad people.
Gender Men are more powerful than women. Men are smarter than women. Women learn development skills faster than men.

Part III

Answer each question in 100 to 150 words related to those stereotypes:

• What are the positive aspects of the stereotypes, if any?
I would say that there are no positive aspects of stereotpyes because stereotyping is an opinion it is not a fact. I might say that they could be positive for me and someone else might think it is a negative comment. For an example, blondes have more fun, this is a positive aspects but it is not necessary true. I have also heard that African American guys are great at basketball. I believe that this statement is a positive aspect but is not all the time true. I think that these are more opinions then anything but they are positive.

• What are the negative aspects of stereotypes?

Negative aspects of stereotyping would be things like racial or ethnical comments. I have heard many of…...