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To the Commanding Officer of NAVSCOLEOD:
During my time in NAVSCOLEOD I learned significant things about myself in the past 7 months and the direction I would like my military career to take. In the words of Colin Powell he describes success as, “the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.” I believe that this is a main key of completing EOD School. While I was deciding what MOS to choose before I committed to the Army, my recruiter informed me about the EOD program. I did my research on it and I found out it was one of the most difficult schools to get through in the Military and it provided a high sense of comradery within the EOD community itself. This is what I have been looking for in a profession, challenges on a daily basis and a good group of people to work with. I got a gist of what EOD was going to be like at the preliminary course at Fort Lee. After I completed this course I was fully committed to the EOD program and I was sure this is going to be a long term career. Going through NAVSCOLEOD showed me that it wasn’t only the challenges and the difficulty that drawn me to this program but it was the caliber of soldiers this program produced and a possibility of working with them. The students here are held to high standards on a daily basis and are not satisfied with just doing what is just enough.
This school has tested me in ways that I have not been tested in the past. Prior to joining the military I was never nervous of taking any test or engage in any difficult task. However, I have been tested both physically/mentally during my experience here and I have tackled every problem and tried my best to overcome and adapt to each situation. I recognize that during the IED division that I did not meet the requirements to get through this division. However, in order for some of us to succeed we must fail and learn from our mistakes. My problem in IEDD was that I second guessed myself and while in the bomb suit I failed to pay attention to detail. I got too eager during my practical test and that made me get ahead of myself. I understand the areas where I made my mistakes and I intend on taking every opportunity to resolve my issues. I am going to utilize every resource I possibly can to gain knowledge and understanding so that these mistakes do not happen again. I plan not to only apply this to the current division where I failed but for the rest of the NAVSCOLEOD and as long as I stay in the EOD community.
Getting my Bachelors degree was the greatest accomplishment before I joined the Military. At the present getting through this school will eclipse that accomplishment 10 fold. I believe that getting through this school will not only make me a better soldier, but it will make me a better person. I am confident that I have the ability, the passion, the motivation and the discipline to become an EOD tech. If I am given a second chance I will make the most of this opportunity and it will not be wasted.

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