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Appeal to Academic Withdrawel

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Dear Records,

I am writing this letter requesting an appeal to the administrative withdraw for this term. Please reconsider withdrawing my student status. I have unfortunately not passed my xxxx course leaving me with zero units in my term.

I take full responsibility for my current student status. In this term, creating and maintaining an effective time management plan has been a big problem for me. For the first half of the term, I struggled with adjusting to my new position at work. Previously, I held a part-time position. However, with the enactment of new health laws, my position as a part-time employee limited myself to work under 28 hours, which did not create a livable wage for me. My employer offered limited full-time spots to select employees. I was chosen as one, which was something I couldn’t refuse since it offered a higher wage and health insurance. As such, this was a huge adjustment, as I had to re-think how and when I would utilize my study time.

Algebra has always been a struggle for me, or all math for that matter. It is a very intimidating subject for me. Nevertheless, I continued with the lesson plans, but truly felt as I was not retaining any of the information. The class load I accepted with having both Algebra and statistics gave me huge anxiety. After discussing this a little bit with my mentor, xxxx, we decided to focus on xxx instead. At first, I took the pre-assessment to see what areas I would need to focus on. I studied and read the chapters and felt I was on the right track.

Then in the middle of my semester, I found out my grandmother on my dad’s side had passed away. Obviously, this was a very emotional time and with the stress of completing coursework on time, and it had me feeling very overwhelmed. I traveled with my father from San Diego to San Francisco to attend the funeral. My father did not take the news...

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