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Currently, I approach weekly course reading material in a fairly unconventional way. My weekdays are usually incredibly hectic between my job of working with my clients and my day to day personal life with my children, so finding any quality reading time is hard during the day time hours. I generally have all reading material downloaded to my laptop in advance as we all should so I can get in a bit of reading time during my break time and my clients nap time. The problem with this is, even though it is quiet and my break time, there is still quite a bit of activity going on around me having to deal with small odds and ends, breaking any concentration I have and understanding of the text. I do get a small amount of time in peace when I get home and right before the kids get home after school in which I use to get in some reading and study time. This time is definitely quality time as my concentration is at its greatest and I can get something done. The night hours, usually after dinner, is where things have been really difficult as this is the time where the bulk of my study and reading time is. Thankfully my fiancée has begun to rectify this problem for me (when he is home from work himself) by keeping the kids busy with various things and away from me during this time so I can actually get quite a bit done in peace and quiet.

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