Appendix B

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Appendix B

Picture the Supply Chain

Complete the chart below by outlining the digital content supply chain at Warner Bros. Entertainment.

|Upstream Component |Internal Component |Downstream Component |
|(sourcing/procurement) |(packing/assembly |(distribution) |
| |manufacturing) | |
| | | |
|The main supplier that is used by Warner |The packing and manufacturing all take |The downstream consist of almost external |
|Bros. is Hewlett-Packard. |place in the same place. |means for distribution. |
| | | |
|The hardware, services, and software is a |Due to the digital media trends of |HDTV’s and things such as DVD’s broadband |
|complete package that is given to Warner |customers Warner Bros. switched to digital |communication where created to transition |
|Bros. through HP. |end to end business. |Warner into digital distribution. |
| | | |
|Warner Bros. can meet the demand of higher |During Warner Bros. production both film |More than 6,000 motion pictures have been |
|speeds from the performance storage |and digital media is created. |digitalized by Warner…...