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Applause or Not

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We have artists like Nicki Minaj, Ke$ha, and Britney Spear. (Yea, don’t forget about the dollar sign in Ke$ha’s name.) It is sad how in today’s world, it is all about drinking and partying in songs. With Nicki Minaj singing about the rich and about being Barbie to literally Ke$ha’s song “Die Young”. Though one Artist still has the power to have the real existence of true POP. Ladies and Gentleman introducing! LADY GAGA! Yea right, everyone knows Lady Gaga by her crazy outfits, but they don’t really know what is behind the Burqa of Gaga’s. Lady Gaga by far is the only artist to bring in ART & POP in music itself. While Britney Spears sings about getting to work and about a perfume? Lady Gaga sings about the controversial of Burqas and Fashion around the globe. The Fame, The Fame Monster, Born This Way, and ATPOP has been by far the most influential albums of the decade. Even though people only over looks the charts on how much money the artist makes they lose the opportunity to see what the albums stands for. Bringing the competition of Katy Perry v.s Lady Gaga. Who did better? Who has the best 1st single? Which CD is better? This may seem like a Bias blog, but Lady Gaga made so much impact in many lives. For what she stands for feminism, the gays, etc. She has touched many lives with just her music. So you decide who you would applause for. Someone who swims in pink stomach medicine in Superbass or someone that has sent the message that everyone is Born this Way.

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