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2. Apple and Nintendo’s strategy with respect to their developers are similar in the sense that both Apple and Nintendo try to limit some of the value that their developers create. Even though developers create a complementary product (games and apps for video games and iPhones/iPads/etc.) that creates value, neither Apple nor Nintendo lets the developers capture all potential value. Nintendo restricted developer value creation by limiting the number of licenses to be distributed and the number of NES titles that could be developed a year. Apple takes a similar approach, as developers have to go through a rigorous approval process before their app is accepted into the Apple app store. However, Apple does not limit the number of apps a developer can release a year, unlike Nintendo. Even with its rigorous approval process, Apple does not have a hard number quota of apps for each developer. In addition, Apple does not force its developers into exclusivity agreements like Nintendo does. iOS developers are free to work on other app platforms like Google Play. Thus Apple does not as heavily limit the total value created by its developers when compared to Nintendo. Another similarity is that both Apple and Nintendo charge fees to its developers in order to increase their own value captured. Nintendo does so with licensing fees, while Apple’s Software Development Toolkit charges developers a fee for its user-friendly platform to create applications for the Apple app store. Apple also captures value from its developers by retaining 30% of the revenues for each transaction in the App Store, leaving only 70% to the developers. 3. Yes, indirect network externalities exist in the market for mobile phone apps in the form of two-sided markets, which can generate mutual advantages. Through its developers, Apple can exploit indirect network externalities that increase the...

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...economy, where would we be without a laptop or computer? It would almost be like you were living in the dark ages. While laptops and computers are convenient to have, Apple has come out with a new and revolutionary product that changes everything. It’s called the iPad. Apple Inc. is a multinational corporation that creates consumer electronics, computer software, and commercial servers. Founders Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak effectively created Apple Computer on April 1, 1976 and incorporated the company on January 3, 1977 in Cupertino, California (Bellis). The Apple iPad was announced on January 27, 2010 with retail availability commencing in April and systematically growing in markets throughout 2010. The iPad is twice the size of the iPhone with the same capabilities of any other laptop computer, but still smaller, making it more convenient to carry with you. For an iPad with Wi-Fi, it has a reasonable price of $499 for a 16GB, $599 for a 32GB, and $699 for a 64GB. If you want one with Wi-Fi and 3G, you can find one for $629 for a 16Gb, $720 for a 32Gb and $829 for a 64GB. In this environmental scan, I am going to break down the iPad into five different environments, social, economic, technological, competitive, and regulatory. The first environment is the social environment. According to the consensus, Apple has sold roughly 8.25 million units (Dewitt). With the most recent estimates of the world’s population being at 6.8 billion and growing, I would say that......

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