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Apple Communication

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Apple has been a highly successful company in the computer industry for over thirty years. It has changed the way the world communicates. With all its success, popularity, and profitability Apple is not without flaw. One of the major growing concerns for this company is that being secretive has caused a lack of communication between employees, most notably being between low- level sales people and its customers (Apple’s Communication Problem). The reason for this lack of communication is security. That’s right, they are told not to speak to each other. This may be a necessary evil in the highly competitive world of computers and electronics but it can be detrimental to the work environment. Imagine the distrust within the company when only a few employees know what it is going on. Not to mention the fact that it elevates the risk of an employee selling the secret if he is the only one knowledgeable of it. Keeping the knowledge to a minimum also reduces the creativity within the company. There are less people thinking on how to make a product better and that means less brainstorming and creative ideas. Not only is this problem found at the corporate and administration levels, but also down to the very bottom at the Apple stores. Apple is a firm believer that the less people that know about the product, the less likely it is be leaked to the public or competitors. The sales people have no idea when a product is coming out until the last minute and are ill prepared for selling the item when it hits the shelves. Another problem with the lack of communication is in dealing with the customers. Remember the launch of the iPhone 4? Within hours, a design flaw was obvious to its millions of buyers. When the phone was held in such a way that the holder’s palm bridged the gap between the two metal antenna panels on the bottom left corner of the phone (as is generally...

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