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Apple Inc. | Integrated Marketing | | Integrated Marketing By Apple Inc. | | Arjit | 9/2/2011 | |

Contents About Apple 1 Product Portfolio 2 Apple Marketing Strategy 2 Presentations 2 Brand Strategy 3 The Apple Brand Personality 3 The Apple Customer Experience 3 Brand Loyalty 3 Effective Advertisement 3 Apple PR strategy 3 Apple Communication Strategy 4 Apple Communications. 5 iPod Marketing Strategy 5 The iPod Launch in 2001. An Absolute Flop 5 Who Invented the iPod? 5 The iPod. The Merits of Apple. 6 iPhone Marketing Strategy. 6 iPad Strategy 7 The Evolution of Apple Ads 8 1970s 9 1980s 9 1990s 10 2000-Present 15

About Apple

Apple Inc. is an American multinational corporation that designs and markets consumer electronics, computer software, and personal computers. The company's best-known hardware products include the Macintosh line of computers, the iPod, the iPhone and the iPad. Apple software includes the Mac OS X operating system; the iTunes media browser; the iLife suite of multimedia and creativity software; the iWork suite of productivity software; Aperture, a professional photography package; Final Cut Studio, a suite of professional audio and film-industry software products; Logic Studio, a suite of music production tools; the Safari web browser; and iOS, a mobile operating system. As of October 2010, the company operates 317 retail stores in ten countries, and an online store where hardware and software products are sold. As of August 2011, Apple is one of the largest companies in the world by market capitalization and the most valuable technology company in the world. On August 9, 2011, Apple briefly surpassed ExxonMobil to become the world's most valuable company and surpassed them again the following day.
Established on April 1, 1976 in Cupertino, California, and...

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