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Apple, Inc. Swot Analysis

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RUNNING HEAD: Apple, Inc. SWOT Analysis

Apple, Inc. SWOT Analysis
AIU – MGT680 Abstract
As a senior manager of a computer company, this paper will discuss the company’s competitor, Apple, Inc. This paper will include five factors of strengthens, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats for Apple, Inc. It will explain why those factors are important for this company to know. The paper will also propose a strategy and product that will take advantage of Apple, Inc. vulnerabilities which will increase this company’s market share. Apple, Inc. SWOT Analysis
Apple, Inc. is a major competitor for our company and by doing a SWOT analysis of Apple, Inc. means we can help our own strategies. A SWOT analysis looks at strengthens, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats factors of Apple, Inc. By knowing these factors about Apple, Inc. will be important to our company because it takes a look at our competitor. A strategy and product will also be proposed that will take advantage of Apple, Inc. vulnerabilities which will increase this company’s market share.
SWOT Analysis
Apple, Inc. has five great strengths that include innovation, brand, customer loyalty, retail stores and marketing, and cash flow abundance. Apple, Inc. innovation includes being the leader in technological innovation with the release of products such as the iPods, iPhone and more. The 2012 Global Innovation 1000 ranked Apple, Inc. number 1 for the 3rd year in a row. Apple, Inc.’s idea of innovation is creating quality products (Krasnv, 2013). Apple, Inc. has also secured their brand value by constantly creating products that are well designed. Although it is not foolproof a company’s marketing ability can be reflected by brand power. The world has seen Apple, Inc. has marketing power ranked number two based on the 2012 Best Global Brand (Reid, 2012). Apple, Inc.…...

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