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Apple, Inc. Use of Information Sources

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| Apple Inc. Use of Information Sources | | | Adam Pasetchnik-MBA6012-u02a1-1/19/2014 | |


Apple Inc. current theories, models and practices of marketing

* Current Marketing Theories: Apple Inc. current marketing theories are still based on Steve Job’s marketing strategy is to “Sell on Value, Not Price”. The marketing strategy can be summed up with three points, “Empathy”, “Focus” and “Impute”. Apple has the great ability to connect (empathy) to the core of the customer with their emotional wants and desires and creates something that you cannot live without (Nosal. 2013). You just cannot imagine today not having your iPad, iPod, or your iPhone that so many of us use today. The second is “Focus” in doing the best job you can eliminate all the unimportant opportunities (Moorman, 2012). Apple is more focused on the customer’s needs more than any other company in the marketplace. The last point is “Impute” to have the best product, the highest quality and the most powerful software, they impute the desired qualities into their products. * Current Marketing Models: Apple has a great marketing mix which has the combination of four elements called the 4P’s (Price, Products, Place and Promotion). This gives the company a good combination to add, subtract or modify in any way to generate the desired marketing strategy (Armstrong & Kotler. (2005). * Current Practices of Creating Market Value: One of the most important marketing value is to enable the customer to discover and test drive their products through the Apple Stores. This retail experience is valuable because it allows the customer firsthand to use the products before you purchase them. Just like a test drive for a new car, the consumer wants to sit behind the wheel and see how it takes those fast turns. The Apple store give you the product in your...

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