Apple Inc

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Apple Inc.

Unit 1 Case Study

Professor Andrew Klein

GM520 Strategic Human Resource Management

February 5, 2013

Within the corporate world changes occur everyday companies are lost as well as gained, and in April 1976 another company began, a new and incentive change that basically transformed the world of computers. Two young men, whom had dropped out of college, created the new company. They were in their early 20’s, and like most young people were undecided what to do. They did have a passion and that passion was computers. Both men complimented the other with their skills, Steve Jobs had a vision on how he could see things as well as what he wanted to do, and Steve Wozniak was the brains and technical mastermind behind the plan. They built a circuit board for a computer in Steve Jobs garage and before they knew it Apple 1 was created.
Their business became a small success and before they realized it they had roughly 200 sales in computers. Now that the business was becoming stronger and busier they needed to have help, and that help came from a man name Mike Markkula Jr. Mr. Markkula was also a young businessman whom had retired at the age of 33 from Intel (Apple Inc., p. 2). In 1978 Steve Jobs wanted to put a computer on the market that would be easy for all to use and that goal was accomplished with the Apple ll. With the company transforming as it did in such a fast and short period of time the world of technology was in for many more surprises. Within the transformation of the company the name was also changed to Apple Inc.
Not only did the company sale computers, but the main generation of the profits came from sales of; iTunes stores that were created as well as iPods (portable music player) and iPhones. Although the company was quite profitable and in 2007…...