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Apple Intervention Strategies Recommendation

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Structural Intervention Strategy
Apple Inc. (Apple) is highly regarded as one of the most successful tech company that were established and founded in 1970s with a significant trademark creation product, Macintosh computer. Ever since, Apple has managed to take the lead in highly competitive personal computer and smartphone industry and creating substantial value by keep on innovating and creating one of a kind products that shown distinctive class in term of quality, attentive customer service and design styles. One of the factors contributed to the success of Apple in tech industry is its Human Resource department who did tremendous job in organizational development.
As we know, Apple organization structure hierarchy operates based on flat collaborative structure rather than the traditional tall divisional one. This implies that Apple favors on collaborative working environment where all the think tanks and professionals cooperated to achieve the organizational goals independent of their location. In order to sustaining this positive working environment, their HR department come up with intervention strategies such as distribution of specific color T-shirt to the employees based on their role in the company. They also deployed the workforce effectively in order to concentrate their supervisors and managers focus on leadership and improving customer service. HR department also work hard on retaining talents with growth opportunities within the organization and make their employee’s work meaningful. Apple always encourage their employees to climb the corporate ladder for career advancement (Suzanne, C., 2012)
In the times where companies struggle to retain great talent, Apple should keep on implementing these intervention strategies in the long term duration in order to allow the organization to be highly competitive in tech industry. The...

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