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Introduction………………………………………………….3 Ryanair’s Background……………………………………..3 Ryanair’s external environment analyses (PESTEL)…3 Ryanair’s internal strategic capabilities (SWOT)……...4 Ryanair’s strategic choice (Porter’s five forces)………5 VRIO framework……………………………………………..5 Rumelt’s criteria……………………………………………..6 Ryanair’s implementation of low cost strategy………..6 Recommendations………………………………………….6 Conclusion…………………………………………………...7 Reference List……………………………………………….7 Appendix………………………………....…………………..8 12.1 Presentation’s slides…………………………………8

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Besmir Lika 1.0 Introduction

Strategic Management Individual Report

Richard Jump

The notion of underlying the concept of generic strategies is that competitive advantage is at the heart of any strategy, and achieving competitive advantage requires a firm to make a choice, if a firm is to attain competitive advantage, it must make a choice about the type of competitive advantage it seeks to attain and the scope within which it will attain it (Porter, 2004). The purpose of this report is to assess the key strategies chosen by Ryanair within cost leadership and that were likely to generate competitive advantages to the organisation. Furthermore, this paper will analyse the Ryanair’s decision to become a low cost airline through Porter’s five forces. It will help to understand the industry attractiveness and competitive forces. PEST analyses will be directed in order to analyse the business environment where Ryanair operates. SWOT analyses will be piloted to diagnose the strategic capabilities of Ryanair. Porter’s five forces will explain the strategic choice made by Ryanair. VRIO frame work deeply diagnoses the strategic capabilities of Ryanair, it evaluates and explains the reasons of choosing cost leadership and become a low cost airline. VRIO will evaluate...

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