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Apple Maintainng the Music Business

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Ever since Apple introduced its iTunes Online Store, the music and technology industries have changed for good. This business venture brought tremendous profits to Apple as a company and the music sector. This success has been maintained by the launch of Apple TV and iPhone in the year 2007. It is this innovativeness that has managed to help Apple stay ahead of its rivals in business. However, there are a number of key strategic challenges facing Apple Computer. All their products face stiff competition from rivals who sell their merchandise at lower prices and possible substitutes as well.
Since the launch of, it is evident that Apple has experienced huge competition. Among iTunes competitors include Napster, RealNetworks, Inc., Kazaa, Sony, Virgin Media, Wal-Mart, Yahoo! Music Unlimited, Disney, Hp, CinemaNow, Movie Link, and many others. Various giant companies like Nokia and Motorola have always been on the move to outdo Apple. They have always been putting competitive products into the market to rival Apple. This seems to be the major problem facing the company in its quest for staying a leader in the market. It means that Apple has to be innovative always and lead from the front.
Another challenge facing the company is their partnership with other companies. It is evident that Apple’s management tends to be controlling, hence creating tension between them and their business partners. A number of companies have shown dissatisfaction in partnering with Apples due to this issue. For any business to succeed, it is important that the management maintains excellent supplier relationships, while at the same time providing quality products. Apple will keep on being ahead of others if they put this into their agenda.
There are a number of dimensions in which company success can be measured.
The first is…...

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