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Argumentative Paper Peer Review Rubric.
Please have a peer (friend, family member, coworker- your choice) read your paper and complete this rubric. To make using the rubric easier to submit to me please have your coworker read your paper, and highlight the appropriate level they believe you have achieved using the highlighting tool in your word processing software. In addition, please have them identify and copy and paste your thesis statement and the topic sentences for each paragraph.

| |Exemplary |Proficient |Emerging |Not Yet Demonstrated |
| |100% |86% |73% |60% |
|INTRODUCTION / THESIS |Well-developed introduction |Introduction creates interest |Introduction adequately |Background details are a |
| |engages the reader and creates |and contains background |explains the background of the|random collection of |
|Background/History |interest. Contains detailed |information. Thesis clearly |problem, but may lack |information, are unclear, and |
|Defining the Problem |background information and a |states a problem and the |clarity. Thesis states a |may be loosely related to the |
|Thesis Statement |clear explanation of the problem.|writer’s position is evident. |problem, but writer’s position|topic. Thesis/position is |
| |Thesis clearly states a | |may not be evident. |vague or not stated. |
|15 points |significant and compelling | | | |
| |position. | | | |
| |15 pts. |13 pts. |11 pts. |9 pts. |
|ARGUMENTATIVE POINTS |Well-developed argumentative |Most argumentative points are |More than one argumentative |Most argumentative points are |
| |points directly support the |related to the thesis, but one|point lacks sufficient details|poorly developed. Refutation |
|Body Paragraphs |writer’s thesis / position. |may lack sufficient support or|and support. Writer attempts |is missing or vague. |
|Refutation |Supporting examples are concrete |deviates from thesis. |to address one or more |Commentary is not present |
|Conclusion |and detailed. Commentary is |Refutation acknowledges |opposing arguments, but the |.Conclusion does not re-visit |
| |logical and well-thought-out. |opposing viewpoint(s) with |writer may not refute the |the thesis or summarize key |
|40 points |Refutation acknowledges opposing |some logic and clarity. |opposition clearly or |argumentative point(s). |
| |viewpoints clearly and |Conclusion summarizes thesis |adequately. Conclusion mirrors| |
| |skillfully. Conclusion re-visits|and key points with some |introduction too closely, with| |
| |the thesis in a new way and |“fresh” commentary present. |little or no new commentary on| |
| |applies the writer’s position | |the writer’s thesis / | |
| |universally. |34 pts. |position. | |
| |40 pts. | |29 pts. |24 pts. |
|ORGANIZATION |Logical progression of ideas with|Logical progression of ideas. |Organization is clear. |No discernable organization. |
| |a clear structure that enhances |Transitions are present |Transitions are present, but |Transitions are not present. |
|Structure |the thesis. Transitions are |throughout essay and provide |may not lend to coherence | |
|Transitions |smooth and provide coherence |adequate coherence between and|between and among ideas. | |
| |between and among ideas. |among ideas. | | |
|15 points |15 pts. |13 pts. |11 pts. |9 pts. |
|STYLE & CONVENTIONS |Writing is smooth, skillful, and |Writing is clear and |Writing is clear, but |Writing is confusing and hard |
| |coherent. Sentences are strong |sentences have some varied |sentences may lack variety. |to follow. Contains fragments|
|Syntax (sentence variety & “flow”) |and expressive with varied |structure. Diction is |Diction is sometimes |and/or run-on sentences. |
|Diction (word choice) |structure. Diction is consistent |appropriate. Tone is |inconsistent and/or |Diction is inappropriate and |
|Tone |and words are well-chosen. The |generally consistent with |inappropriate at various |inconsistent throughout essay.|
|Spelling, punctuation, & |tone is highly consistent with |writer’s position / thesis and|points in essay. Tone may be |Tone of piece is highly |
|capitalization |writer’s position / thesis and |appropriate throughout essay. |inconsistent with writer’s |inconsistent with writer’s |
| |appropriate throughout essay. |Punctuation, spelling, & |position / thesis. Several |position / thesis. Many errors|
|20 points |Punctuation, spelling, & |capitalization are generally |errors in punctuation, |in punctuation, spelling, & |
| |capitalization are accurate with |accurate, with some errors. |spelling, & capitalization. |capitalization distract |
| |few or no errors. | | |reader. |
| |20 pts. |17 pts. | |12 pts. |
| | | |15 pts. | |
|SOURCES |Evidence from sources is smoothly|Evidence from source(s) is |Some source material is used |Few or no source material is |
| |and logically integrated into |integrated into the text. Most|and may or may not lend |used. Source citations are not|
|Use of sources |essay and serves to add |sources are cited accurately |credibility to writer’s |evident or may be highly |
|Format |credibility & insight into |and are generally relevant and|position/thesis. Several |inaccurate. Relevance and/or |
|Relevance/reliability |writer’s position / thesis. All |reliable. |sources may not be cited |reliability are strongly in |
| |sources are cited accurately and | |accurately. Relevance and |question. |
|10 points |are highly relevant and reliable.| |reliability may be | |
| |10 pts. |9 pts. |questionable. |6 pts. |
| | | |7 pts. | |

Identify the following components and write them in the spaces provided:

1. Thesis Statement ________________ Many people think that Public assistance is not important and that is not fear to use tax payers’ dollars to pay for medical expenses for those who can’t afford to pay for themself. ________________________________________________________

2. Paragraph 1 Topic Sentence

These programs are important for families who are in need of medical care, food, and housing. ________________________________________________________________________

3. Paragraph 2 Topic Sentence 4. 5. In the United States, spending on public health was 6.9 percent of gross domestic product in 2005, while it was 8.9 percent in France, 8.2 percent in Germany and 7.2 percent in the United Kingdom. ________________________________________________________________________

6. Paragraph 3 Topic Sentence ____________________________ 7. _ 8. Medicaid is program for families and individuals with low income. It’s a government insurance program for people with low income that are not able to pay for health care insurance. ___________________________________________

9. Paragraph 4 Topic Sentence (if applicable) Food stamp is a federal Program created by the U.S department of agriculture


10. Paragraph 5 Topic Sentence (if applicable) ____ To be able to qualify for this program, an individual or family must be U.S citizen or legal resident with low or not income ___________________________________________________________________________________________

Paragraph 6 Topic Sentence (if applicable) 11. The Michigan House Speaker José Bolger said, "Government assistance should not be an entitlement. ________________________________________________________________________

12. Paragraph 7 Topic Sentence (if applicable) , due to the recently economic crisis our country faced, some families have lost their jobs and houses therefore; government assistance programs are the only hope they have to support their families.________________________________________________________________________

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