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Apple Security

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Jordan Jackson
Is User Security as Important to Apple as They Say? Over the last couple of weeks, multiple nude photos of celebrities have been (and continue to be) leaked due to a hacker being able to figure out the usernames and passwords to their Apple iCloud accounts. Celebrities such as Jennifer Lawrence, Rihanna and Jenny McCarthy have been affected by this recent hack but they’re just the tip of the iceberg. Apple’s investigation is ongoing but they released a statement through Spokeswoman Natalie Kerris saying that they “take user privacy very seriously and are actively investigating this report.” This recent infiltration of Apple’s iCloud made me realize how much we as a society use our phones to do almost everything (taking photos/videos, paying bills, managing bank accounts, etc…). More importantly it made me wonder how safe this information on our phones really is. Obviously the security measures in place at Apple aren’t what they should be if a hacker can run a simple “common password” software and potentially access the personal files of any user they choose. This security breach made me step back and take a look at not only Apple’s current security measures but those of other companies/phone carriers. This controversy has raised many questions, the most important of those questions being whether Apple and other companies are taking user security as seriously as they lead us to believe and the answer to that question is no. Apple dropped the ball by not addressing this problem immediately and now the public wants to know more. Apple says they’re doing everything they can to “amp” up security but with security questions still being raised we wonder if that’s the truth. With the recently released Apple Pay program already experiencing security issues, ignored security warnings by Apple’s security department and Apple partnering with companies that...

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