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Apple vs Dell

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Executive Summary

This paper provides the historical background and financial data of two of the leading information technology (IT) corporations in the United States. Going beyond their humble beginnings to the present, an analysis is made of their current financial performance. This serves to compare and contrast the differing business strategies of the two financial juggernauts. The two companies are direct competitors in the IT market place. Developing cutting edge software that is futuristic and enticing is what Apple does best. Apple has the ability to offer a diverse product line that caters to a wide variety of consumers, especially tech savvy earlier adapters. Dell’s marketing approach is to create a product line that is affordable and easily used by the general computing public. Audit reports, ratios, cash flows and income statements are analyzed to gain a clearer picture of which marketing strategy is proving to be the more successful.

Corporate Histories and Strategies:

In 1976, high school friends Steven Jobs and Stephen Wozniak shared a common love and interest in electronics. In their early stages, Apple I & II were designed as a hobby. Apple I was actually created in Steven’s bedroom. “They would showcase the computers at the Homebrew Computer Club (of which they were members) as a demonstration (Apple Museum, 2011)”. The highlights were the video screens, and the fact that it used few chips to operate (during this time keyboards and video screens were not well established). The blue prints/schematics were passed around freely for all to see. Stephen would go to the homes of friends and help them build their own. Their computer displays would take place at club meetings, showcasing new features and additions.

Dell, Inc. began in 1984, when then freshman pre-med…...

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