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Apple's reputation and success almost proceed its products but then when analyzed the products definitely meet the standards that the company has advertised to the consumer. It would be nearly impossible to narrow down exactly what attributes to all of Apple's success, there is simply too many. However two reasons do tend to stand out and that would be Apple's ability to master the dimensions of consumer demand and market demand. Founders of Apple: Steve Jobbs and Steve Wozniak took their ideas and products all the way to the top, though there is a lot more too it then what meets the eye the actual concept does appear to be simple.

All Apple really did was maintain selling the same products worldwide and maintained consistent products and service to all of their consumers. An iPod is an iPod everywhere in the world and this contributes to their success because it meets the needs of people everywhere. Everyone loves music and anytime someone doesn't have something that demands undivided attention they turn on their favorite genre and listen. Apple recognized this and brought a product to market that allowed easy and portable listening at a fair market price. They stay consistent with simple; easy to use products that allow the consumer to customize their listening experience based on his/her personality and interests. As the company evolved and grew they continued to analyze their consumers and continue to bring breaking edge technology to the market at fair prices that many people can afford and are willing to purchase.

Apple is a very efficient company and recognized that by using a global strategy they could leverage economies of scale. They do this by moving their manufacturing plants over-seas so they can save money in labor, packaging and the cost of the raw materials used to make their products. From an economical stand point this is a very strategic…...