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Today there are many software applications and information systems that are available to the organizational departments within a company. This paper will give an overview of what software applications and information systems for the accounting, human resources, and marketing departments. It will describe their use and how they relate to the departments mentioned. Software and applications are developed and specialized for each department to help the organization as much as possible. Accounting department has to have an information system that measures, processes, and communicates financial information. They need this so they can keep track of the money the organization makes, spends, and has in the bank. In the human resources department their primary job is to recruit, train, and retain the employees of the organization. Then the marketing department’s job is to research the competitors, research the products, promotion, pricing, and selling of the product. All the departments in an organization play important roles that keep the organization running efficient. The software for the accounting department has functions that manage accounts receivable and payable, ledger, inventory, billing, purchasing, and sales. The software called Intuit Quickbooks, which helping the accounting department do the things they need to do. Human resources have software that keeps track of hours worked and payroll, recruiting, and training. The software the HR department uses to do this is Vantage Point Software Strategies. The software available for the marketing department is software that gives information about certain types of marketing practices they should use in the region they are in. One type of the software the marketing department uses is from a company like...

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