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Branding is a discipline that has emerged from the consumer goods domain particularly fast moving consumer goods. Historically, brand has been inextricably linked to the product and branding is seen as the process of adding value to the product. A brand is a cluster of functional and emotional benefits that extend a unique and welcomed promise. This conceptualisation of a brand is universal and applies to various domains including FMCG, internet services and B2B. What changes in every context is the enactment of the brand. It is argued that the concept of a brand is universal, however some adjustments are required in line with the specific context applied; in this case the B2B context.
Branding has myopically been viewed by business marketers as largely irrelevant to business markets. Associated mostly with emotional value, branding was believed to offer very little to what is traditionally considered a very rational process i.e. the organisational decision making process. More recent research acknowledges that despite the differences between B2C and B2B contexts both B2C and B2B brands need to engender trust and develop both cognitive and affective ties with stakeholders.

Branding in an industrial market must be perceived to convey benefits to various stakeholders for companies to financially invest in it. With regard to the company investing in branding a number of benefits have been identified. Cretu et al (2007) found branding had a positive impact on the perceived quality of the product or service. It was also perceived as providing a product with an identity, a consistent image and as conferring uniqueness. A strong brand will be demanded and allow companies to demand a premium price.
Due to the demand of the branded products competitive products will be rejected. However,

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