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The Application of Watson’s Caring Theory

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Application of Watson’s Caring Theory

Human Caring Theory by Jean Watson contributes to the existential nursing. It concentrates on authentically caring concerning the whole patient. This caring involves the patient’s spirit, body and mind to facilitate the healing process to persist at an optimum level (Watson, 2011). Watson defined it as a caring model, which includes both science and art; providing a framework that intersects with and embraces science, art, spirituality, humanities, and new dimensions of spirit-body-mind medicine in addition to nursing. The essay describes the idea of Watson’s theory, the application of Human Caring theory in nursing practice connected to personal case, and the relevance of Human Caring theory in nursing leadership related to nursing problem. Watson supposes that the theory is ever changing and ought to be open to the evolving nursing practice as well as the human phenomena dynamics. Watson elaborates by explaining that caring art and science goes past an intellectualization of the subject luring us into endless, but timely space to re-examine the recurrent phenomenon of the human ailment. Using such abstract notions of faith, love, hope, caring, trust, and spirituality to nursing art and science could help stratify the human caring concept (Watson, 2011). The current nursing practice is incredibly affected by the theories designed by Dr. Watson. Various institutions are applying by Jean Watson as a patient care guide. Rendering to Aliigood and Toney (2011), employing Human Caring Theory permits nurses to take care of patients as a whole, for nurses to take care of themselves too. By applying Watson’s Curatives aspects, nurses are capable of considering the patient as a whole thinking, living, breathing, feeling person- not just a…...

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