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Applications of Foresight

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Application of foresight in corporations
12th Session of the UNIDO General Conference EUR and NIS Regional Round Table Vienna, 5 December 2007
Dr. Frank Ruff Daimler AG Society and Technology Research Group Berlin, Palo Alto, Kyoto



Why Corporate Foresight?


A closer look at Corporate Foresight


Implications for UNIDO


Q & A, Discussion

UNIDO 5 December 2007 / Dr. Frank Ruff


Why Corporate Foresight? History of Future Studies/Foresight

Foresight embedded in enterprises
First Think Tanks in enterprises
(e.g. Shell, Toyota, Daimler-Benz)

Corporate Foresight: Innovation and Technology Analysis Establishment of new (e.g. Daimler-Benz, variants and diffusion Siemens, Philips) of concepts of future studies and analysis Consumer and marketing-oriented trend research Future Consulting
(e.g. Z_Punkt)

Emergence of systematic resp. scientific future studies

Warning future studies „Doom-Saying“
(e.g. Club of Rome, Robert Jungk)

Economic and political future studies

(e.g. Faith Popcorn, (e.g. Alvin Toffler, Trendbüro, John Naisbitt, Dan Coates, PROGNOS) Matthias Horx)

„Premodern future view“ Delphic oracle Spiritual and religious foresight Outsider (e.g. Nostredamus)

State-run/scientific/supranational institutions
Military futurologic research

Technology assessment Economic, political, Science and Technology resource-oriented (e.g. RAND Corporation, Forecasting (e.g. Delphi future research (e.g. UN studies,offices for technology Millenium Project, assessment) OECD, political Think Tanks)

(e.g. EU projects, Regional Foresight FUTUR Dialogue)

Modern Age 1940-1960 1970 1990 2000 1980 Medieval Age Antiquity © Dr. Frank Ruff, DaimlerChrysler AG, Society and Technology Research Group
UNIDO 5 December 2007 / Dr. Frank Ruff...

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