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Applied Antrhopology

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Kunal Mishra
Due: Thursday, July 28th, 2011
Anthropology 100
Session— 7/11-8/04 (11:30-2:40)
Santiago Canyon Community College
Essay Question: What is Applied Anthropology? How is field anthropology used to solve modern human problems? Give specific examples of applied anthropology as reported in your textbook.
Thesis Statement:. Anthropology. The study of human culture as it relates to all times, past, present, and future. A mouthful to say, and a whole bunch more difficult to comprehend. Yet, anthropology is often considered one of the most important sciences in our social world today. It is used anywhere, from a tidy desk in New York City, to the rainforests of Equatorial Guinea. That is the unique thing about anthropology; it can be applied to real life and be studied in a book. However, it is in the field that advancements in the study of culture are made, not books, so it will serve our purpose of learning about the fieldwork that anthropologists are called on to do. Different techniques and examples are all part of the diversity that applied anthropology requires, and many will be shown here.
To fully understand applied anthropology, one must know the actual definition and how it relates to anthropology as a whole. The formal definition is: the use of anthropological knowledge and methods to solve practical problems, often for a specific client. From this, we can hypothesize that groups, such as governments or corporations, hire anthropologists to solve a problem by using a variety of methods. Applied anthropology is important to the overall field as it is the main source of information, and can also be used to falsify previous statements. For example, Jane Goodall’s previously unprecedented delving into chimpanzee’s behavioral patterns allowed for treatises to be written on the behavior of our distant ancestors and reinforced our similarity to our...

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