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Apply Chaffee's Problem-Solving Approach on Page 76 of Thinking Critically

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Using Chaffee’s (2012) problem-solving approach, I first need to understand the problem. The first step would be obtaining a very specific explanation of the quality issues to ensure the problem is manufacturing. In order for the customer to have determined there is an issue, they will most likely have formally tracked the issue. This information should be obtained and reviews and ideally the customer will supply specific units that have had the problem.

Next, alternatives should be identified and evaluated. Is it possible that the issue is not related to manufacturing? I would take my tracking list and defective devices and meet with Engineering and Quality in an effort to ensure that the problem is manufacturing. One alternative to consider might be the customer’s use of the device. Are the devices being used and troubleshooted properly?

Assuming the issue comes down to manufacturing, we’ll need to work with Engineering to tweak development in an effort to resolve any defects. A control group of upgraded devices needs to be tracked in order to ensure the issue is solved. If there’s still an issue, we need to continue to find solutions in development and put them into action. Frequent communication with the customer is crucial in ensuring their satisfaction with the solution.

If the customer is still discussing an alternative vendor after the problem is corrected, a revision in the service level agreement may be considered whereby a nominal financial penalty is involved for similar future issues. Perhaps a small percentage discount on, or refund of, defective devices would be included. As a final effort only, financial concessions might have to be made in order to keep a valued customer.

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