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Applying Critical Thinking Skills to Organizational Issues

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Issue and Conclusion The Executive Compensation Committee has requested that the Human Resources office investigate and evaluate the compensation of the Chief Executive Officer, Raymond James, in regards to possible overcompensation with respect to the company, PDQ’s, current standings. The Senior Vice President of Human Resources, Mark Headlee put together a business document to outline the salary of the CEO, and also included recommendations for a solution to the issue he presented. In the business document the issue is prescriptive as it describes what it wrong with the company while offering ways in which it can be fixed (Browne & Keeley, 2007, p.17). While PDQ has plateaued and even decreased in earnings the CEO’s salary has consistently increased. This is an issue for the company because they are paying their CEO an enormous amount annually while failing to grow as a whole. In the business document the conclusion is simple to find as it is the last heading in the document titled “IV. Conclusion and Recommendation”. Under this section that author clearly states that the salary for the CEO is exceptionally high for the company’s earnings. The solution not only fixes the problem but guides the company down a more efficient and cost effective path. The author suggests that PDQ begin a search for a new chief executive offer to replace the current one. It simply cannot support a CEO under the current salary and run resourcefully. The conclusion section does contain other factors such as national averages, estimates, and added evidence but Browne and Keeley (2007) have explained that the conclusion does not include these aspects (p.21).
The author provides reasons as support and justification for the conclusion (Browne & Keeley, 2007, p. 27). These reasons are to help persuade the reader into siding with the writer and supporting his conclusion to...

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