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Appraisal System Characteristics

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Characteristics of an Effective Appraisal System
Wright (1999) and Mondy et al., (2005) indicated that the system may also serve to assist in the making of administrative decisions concerning pay increases, transfers, or terminations. Organization should seek an accurate assessment of performance that permits the development of a plan to improve individual and group performance. The system must honestly inform people of how they stand with the organization. The following factors assist in accomplishing these purposes:
First: Job-related criteria
Evaluation criteria should be determined through job analysis. Subjective factors, such as initiative, enthusiasm, loyalty, and cooperation are obviously important; however, unless clearly shown to
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Supervisors should also conduct appraisals covering similar periods for these employees. Although, annual evaluations are most common, many successful resorts evaluate their employees more frequently. Regularly scheduled feedback sessions and appraisal interviews for all employees are essential.
Fourth: Trained appraisers
A common deficiency in appraisal systems is that the evaluators seldom receive training on how to conduct effective evaluations. Unless everyone evaluating performance receives training in the art of giving and receiving feedback, the process can lead to uncertainty and conflict. The training should cover how to rate employees and how to conduct appraisal interviews.
Fifth: Performance reviews
A performance review allows them to detect any errors or omissions in the appraisal, or an employee may simply disagree with the evaluation and want to challenge it. Constant employee performance documentation is vitally important for accurate performance appraisals. Maintaining a continuous record of observed and reported incidents is essential in building a useful
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There are several kinds of personal bias errors. Some can be conscious, such as blatant discrimination against someone because of sex or race. Or some supervisors might try to "play favorites" and rate people they like higher than people they don't like.
Halo effect The halo effect occurs when performance on a single task affects how the supervisor evaluates the employee on all other tasks. An excellent performance on one task could tend to make performances on all tasks look good. A poor performance can make all performances look equally as bad. To avoid the occurrence of the halo effect, the supervisor must evaluate each task separately.
Central tendency error A central tendency error occurs when a rater avoids using high or low ratings and assigns average ratings. Some supervisors stick to the middle when filling in rating scales. For example, if the rating scale ranges from 1to7, they tend to avoid the highs (6 and 7) and lows (1and 2) and rate most of their people between 3 and 5, this central tendency could mean that you rate all employees "average". That may distort the evaluations, making them less useful for promotion, salary, or counseling

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