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Approach to the Problem Type of Research Design

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Problem Definition
Approach to the Problem
Type of Research Design
Scaling techniques
Questionnaire development and Pretesting
Sampling techniques
Data Analysis

How do children use the new technology?


Problem Definition
The Management Decision problem: “How LoveToCode should expand its operations to schools?”

The Marketing Problem: “To determine the effective way of delivering the value proposition of IT Program.”

Approach to the Problem
3 Main Components:
1. Value proposition content (3 Research Questions)
2. Competition (2 Research Questions)
3. Needs of potential customers (3 Research Questions)

Type of Research Design
● Interviews with the schools principals

● Survey with potential customers Scaling Techniques
● Non-comparative scales (scaling techniques in which each stimulus object is scaled interdependently of the others) ● Itemized rating scale the Likert scale

Questionnaire development and Pretesting
● Simple questions;
● 12 structured questions for survey (multiple choice questions, some open-ended, dichotomous and scales questions);
● 10 unstructured interview questions;

Sampling Techniques
Nonprobability sampling judgmental sampling

sample size: 51 potential customer
3 interviewed school principals

Data Analysis
● Preliminary plan;
● Coding by SPSS program; ● Accuracy of questionnaires and interviews held;

● Refuse to answer;
● Ignorance;
● Unavoidable circumstances; ● Lack of time & resources 1. Value proposition content
RQ1: Are principals interested in implementing LoveToCode’s program as additional courses for pupils?
H1: Principals would like to include LoveToCode program as

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