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The educational resources selected are to be used in a third grade classroom. A.) Education resources 1.) Visual: Educational Insights GeoSafari motorized Solar system ( 2.) Audio: Clue Finders 3rd Grade Educational Computer Game( 3.) Multimedia Files: Scholastic News ( 4.) Video: You tube Science-Parts of Plants ( 5.) Graphical Representation: Interpret Bar Graphs(


| Category | Material/resources | Early Childhood | Hearing impaired | Limited Sight | Behaviorally Challenged | Gifted/Talented | Learning Disabled | | ESl/Multi-cultural | | Visual | Motorized SolarSystem | y | y | y | y | y | y | | y | | Graphical representation | Internet Bar Graph | y | y | y | n | y | n | | y | | Video | Science:parts of plants | y | n | y | y | y | y | | y | | Multimedia | Scholastic News | y | y | y | n | y | n | | y | | Audio | Clue finders Computer game | y | y | n | y | y | n | | y |

Resource appropriateness is a never ending problem teachers have to address with every lesson plan. Above you have reviewed my acquisition of five educational resources that have been deemed as appropriate or not. This essay will provide the explanation as to why they have been determined as such. It is estimated that roughly seventy percent of learning is done through our sense of sight, thus visual aids are extremely important in a classroom. The motorized Solar System is a 3D replica of the plants as they orbit the sun. This aid would be good for early childhood because the color and motion will capture the attention of this age...

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