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In partial fulfillment of the requirements for the subject Research 411, Thesis Writing, this thesis entitled “Computer Competency of the Bachelor Of Arts in Mathematics And Their Academic General Average Grade For The First Semester”, prepared and submitted by Mary Donabel A. Ochoa, Undergraduate Tandem Thesis Proposal Chairman is hereby recommended for all examinations.

Approved by the Committee of Oral Examination with the grade of ___

___________________ ___________________ Member Member ____________________
Robert C. Torrecampo
Department Head

Tulip Street Area C, Camarin, Caloocan City

October 8, 2014

University Of Administration
University of Caloocan City

Head, AB Math/ BS Math Department

Sir/ Madam: We, the students of Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics are conducting a research for the subject Introduction to Research (RES 411) entitled “Computer Competency of the Bachelor Of Arts in Mathematics And Their Academic General Average Grade For The First Semester”.

In view of this, we would ask from your good office to please allow us to float questionnaires to the students of Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics graduating students, school year 2013-2014 during their vacant period.

We promise that the data that we will gather will be kept safe and will be used only on the said purpose.

Thank you for your favorable response regarding this matter.

Very truly yours,

CHAIRMAN (09469806398)

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