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E-business Cards Approval Letter:

Team Fresh bytes wishes to revolutionize business card by eliminating the card out of the equation. By creating an application on mobile phones and tablets that will allow current and upcoming businesses to interact through our web application named Green Business Cards. GBC allows the user to create their own profile of their business, by having their contact information, information of goods and of course business information. But how do I give this information through your phone? We will provide a one custom made card that can be scanned by your phone or tablet and will sent you to your GBC profile. This application will be user friendly that anyone can create their own profile and can scan the card as simple as taking a picture on your phone.

Our team decided to create GBC because we know this application be used now and in the future as we progress through the digital age. People rely on technology nowadays we believe that it is time to change business cards and virtualize it. This will help with paper waste creating an eco-friendly reputation and also creating a new and fun way of giving out your information not by a simple paper card.

As mentioned this application will allow any consumer or business man to be able to connect to other business beyond a simple business card. GBC connects users to other business or business man to a unique level than what a business card usually is used for providing just a simple way to contact by phone. And now with this application you can communicate at any time virtually, also view any information of whoever person or business is trying to present themselves. We will also allow share GBC to be able to connect to different job searching, professional profiling sites such as LinkedIn, Indeed, Angie’s List and so on. Creating a broader horizon to business searching from a person’s...

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