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Introduction 3

Internship Mechanism and Process Flow 7

Visiting Academic Supervisor/ Industrial Placement Handbook 12
Part 2-During Internship
Appendix 1 – Logbook Template 18
Appendix 2– Logbook Cover Page 19

Appendix 3 – Content Guidelines for Industrial Placement Essay 20
Appendix 4 – Industrial Placement Report Cover Page 27
Appendix 5– Essay Clearance Form 28
Appendix 6 – Student Feedback Form 29

Assessment and Grading
Appendix 7 – Industrial Placement Essay Assessment 31
Appendix 8 – Industrial Placement Visit Report Form 34
Appendix 9 – Industrial Placement Assessment Forms 36


1. Industrial Experience Rationale

The aim of the Industrial Experience programme is to enable students to gain industrial or professional learning experiences to develop transferable skills for employability and thereby to enhance their future value to employers.
Familiarity with all common processes is essential and exposure at a practical level to a wide variety of processes is required at a level appropriate for young professional. Whilst it is clearly desirable for students to get a feel for the skills involved, the central aim is to achieve appreciation of business processes. Industrial training is a key component of learning in an integrated academic curriculum.

2. Part 2-Industrial Experience Period

12 weeks of industrial experience programme is equivalent to 5 credits.

As per the requirement of the Malaysian Qualifications Agency, the industrial experience will be undertaken during the year-end break after their 2nd Semester of Year 2. This means they could enrol in Semester 1 of Year 3 upon returning...

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