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Apush Chapter 24-25 Overview

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Chapter 24-25 Overview
1. Loans and large land grants
A) northern pacific railroad
B) New York Central
C) central pacific railroad
3. Pools
4. The judicial branch/Supreme Court
5. Interstate commerce act
A) steel industry, vertical
B) oil baron, horizontal
C) banking, interlocking directorate
7. Bessemer / Kelly
8. U.S. Steel Corporation
9. 14th amendment
10. Railroad corporations and unions
11. Cotton & textiles; not unionized, cheap labor
12. Corporations
A) 2
B) 1
C) 3
14. Nationwide spiritual and moral revival, sexual purity, protected the moral fiber of people
15. It became smaller
16. Reproductive rights, suffrage,
17. Prohibition
18. The ornamental style of architecture such as skyscrapers, and large buildings
19. They found it very important and tried to preserve it. They did in-home rituals, developed religious schools and ethnic enclaves, and were responsible for their practicing privately. Also an increase in nativists attitude.
20. They were in favor of the laws because they were trying to protect American values from immigration.
21. The Knights of Labor
22. National Labor Union
23. American Federation of Labor
24. They are all related in the fact that mostly immigrants lived in them
A) slums- area of great poverty inside of cities
B) Dumbbell Tenements- apartments that are shaped like a dumbbell that are dangerous to get out of in case of fire
C) homes where unemployed citizens, transient, or new citizens resided temporarily that had a level of crime
25. Suburban area where homes exist to escape and be separated from their work and they sleep. They're away from the work.
26. Cosmopolitan ways of thinking, religion, and evolution, because of urbanization and Darwinism. They reconciled religion and evolution by saying God created evolution.
27. Booker T. Washington
28. The act provided lands...

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