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Prof. Rosario Taylo

January 28, 2011
Campaign Title: “Pambansang ice cream, ating tangkilikin!”

I. Background/Research
Arce Dairy Ice Cream, formerly Selecta, started on January 1990 when the Arce family signed away the lifework spanning three generations. Today, Arce Dairy faces stiff competition in the marketplace for established names such as Magnolia, Nestle, Selecta, BTIC.

Arce Dairy Ice Cream was established by Don Ramon Arce, Sr. in the year 1935. It was during 30’s when Don Ramon Sr., became a member of President Quezon’s staff who bought land in Novaliches where the farm was bountiful. Also, there was always pure carabao’s milk on the table which he pasteurized and brought it to Manila. That ‘sideline’ became the start of creating an idea to build their own ice cream manufacturing.

In 1962, it was almost 30 years after their grieving stage for the loss of Don Ramon Sr., they decided to sign away from their business in which they also considered as a personal, emotional thing for their family. Their shares in the company were being sold to other stockholders of the Arcecon Dairy Products.

After 20 years of resting from the ice cream industry, they now resumed their passion in making the best quality of ice cream product. Making “MACHINES DON”T MAKE MIRACLES,” as one of their principles, it’s really the ingredients of their product that really matters. Having fresh carabao’s milk as their key in making the most flavorful ice cream give way to Arce Dairy Ice Cream as the country’s outstanding ice cream manufacturer. Together with carabao’s…...