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b. Industry Financial Analysis
Industry financial analysis will be conducted with the following companies: The Nucor Corporation, United States Steel Corporation, AK Steel Holding Corporation, Steel Dynamics Incorporated, Allegheny Technologies Incorporated and Carpenter Technology Corporation. The selection of these companies were based on the following: * These six companies belong to North America Industry Classification System (NAICS) code 331110 and have financial data from 2007-2012: Ratio comparison is consistent if all companies are from the same industry. * Firm Size/Geographic Location: Major U.S. companies that account more than 40% of market share according to IBISWorld 2013.
Table 1 contains an overview of these six companies.

Company | NAICS Code | Geographic Market | Products | Market Capitalization | Company Founded | The Nucor Corporation | 331110Iron & Steel Manufacturing US | U.S. | Carbon SteelAlloy SteelSteel ProductsRaw MaterialsFasteners | 15 Billion | 1940 | United States Steel Corporation | 331110Iron & Steel Manufacturing US | Worldwide | SheetTinTubular | 2.53 Billion | 1901 | AK Steel Holding Corporation | 331110Iron & Steel Manufacturing US | Worldwide | Carbon SteelsStainless SteelsElectrical Steels | 463 Million | 1899 | Steel Dynamics Incorporated | 331110Iron & Steel Manufacturing US | U.S. | SteelFabricated Steel ProductsMetals Recycling and Ferrous Resources | 3.46 Billion | 1993 | Allegheny Technologies Incorporated | 331110Iron & Steel Manufacturing US | Worldwide | AlloysNet-Shaped ProductsComponentsCutting Tools | 3.0 Billion | Merger in 1966 | Carpenter Technology Corporation | 331110Iron & Steel Manufacturing US | USAEuropeAsiaCanadaMexico | Stainless Steels Specialty Alloys | 2.8 Billion | 1889 |
Table 1. Selected Companies for Industry Analysis

Industry Ratios...

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