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Architecture Changes in Windows Server 2008

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Architecture changes in Windows Server 2008 Windows Server 2008 comes in different versions to provide key functionality to support any sized business and IT challenge. Foundation is a cost-effective, entry-level technology foundation targeted at small business owners and IT generalists supporting small businesses. Standard has with built-in, enhanced Web and virtualization capabilities, it is designed to increase the reliability and flexibility of your server infrastructure while helping save time and reduce costs. Enterprise is the advanced server that provides cost-effective and reliable support for mission-critical workloads. Datacenter delivers an enterprise-class platform for deploying business-critical applications and large-scale virtualization on small and large servers. Web Server is a powerful Web application and services platform. Featuring Internet Information Services (IIS) 7.5 and designed exclusively as an Internet-facing server.
(Microsoft, 2010)
Top 10 New Features in Windows Server 2008
#10: The self-healing NTFS file system: Ever since the days of DOS, an error in the file system meant that a volume had to be taken offline for it to be remedied. In WS2K8, a new system service works in the background that can detect a file system error, and perform a healing process without anyone taking the server down.
#9: Parallel session creation: "Prior to Server 2008, session creation was a serial operation," Russinovich reminded us. "If you've got a Terminal Server system, or you've got a home system where you're logging into more than one user at the same time, those are sessions. And the serialization of the session initialization caused a bottleneck on large Terminal Services systems. So Monday morning, everybody gets to work, they all log onto their Terminal Services system like a few hundred people supported by the system, and they've all got to...

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